The equipment power consumption with limescale

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Due to the lack of management of equipment, the limescale will reduce heat exchanger efficiency, energy consumption and maintenance costs, and even equipment damage and other risks.

The relationship between limescale generate and cooling time


ConclusionThe thickness of scale increases with cooling time.

The effect of limescale on power consumption

To learn about energy consumption situation through limescale increase and fuel consumption, cooling capacity, total energy consumption data statistics.

Limescale affect power consumption
Thickness of limescale (mm) Fuel consumption (%) Cooling capacity (%) Electrical power consumption (%)
0.2mm Increase 6% Decrease 95% Increase 7%~17%
0.4mm Increase 15% Decrease 84% Increase 16%~26%
0.6mm Increase 25% Decrease 76% Increase 23%~34%
0.8mm Increase 32% Decrease 72% Increase 31%~41%
Reference: China Trchnical Consultants, Inc

Conclusion: With this table, we can know the power consumption is positively correlated with the limescale thickness. In other words, the power consumption increases with thickness of limescale.

The effect of limescale on heat exchange

The effect of limescale on heat exchange efficiency was studied by using the data of limescale thickness, heat exchange efficiency and cooling power consumption.

Limescale affect heat exchange
Thickness of limescale (mm) Heat exchange level (BTU/ft^2/F) Heat transfer consumption (%) Electrical power consumption (%)
0 92.77 0 0
0.3mm 73.68 21% 10%
0.6mm 61.12 34% 20%
0.9mm 52.20 44% 31%
1.2mm 45.60 56% 42%
1.6mm 39.52 67% 53%
Reference: Phillip Kote Clean System Approach to Air Conditioning Heating Piping Air Conditioning Journal

Conclusion: With this table, we can learn the heat exchange efficiency is negatively correlated with the limescale thickness. That is mean the heat exchange efficiency decreases with the increase of limescale thickness.

Open cooling circuit with closed cooling circuit’s power consumption comparison

Open cooling circuit (open circuit cooling tower) : one-off limescale cleaning operate.

Closed cooling circuit (closed cooling tower) : restrict the concentration of impurities in the water so that scale does not occur.



Conclusion: Now, we know that limescale thickness is increase with time. Through the picture below, we can know that although open cooling circuit does limescale cleaning regularly to revive cooling performance temporarily. This way still cause power consumption increase every year.

Closed cooling circuit uses can restrict the rise in impurities concentration to prevent limescale, and remain operate efficiency stably.(To know Principle of closed circuit cooling tower)


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