Cooling tower capability calculation

Cooling tower capability calculation

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The design of cooling tower needs to consider many external environmental indicators, such as wet bulb temperature, circulating water volume, inlet and outlet water temperature and many other factors.

With water as an example, the following equation is used to know the required heat rejection requirements of the production equipment, generally when heat is calculated.

Q= (T2-T1) x m  

  • T1 : Inlet water temperature to equipment (℃ ℉)
  • T2 : Outlet water temperature from equipment (℃ ℉)
  • m : Water flow rate (L/min)
  • Q : Heat rejection produced by equipment (Kcal/h)

How to calculate the heat rejection capacity

For example

There is a factory that wants to install cooling tower, and its equipment includes water cooled chiller and oil temperature heat exchanger for blow molding machine. The calculation method of heat dissipation required by the equipment is as follows:

1. Requirement of water cooled chiller

    T1: Inlet water temperature to chiller: 32℃

    T2: Outlet water temperature after heat exchange: 40℃

    m: Water flow rate for chiller: 30,000 liter/h

    Heat rejection capacity calculation: Q = (40-32)*30,000= 240,000 Kcal/h

2. Requirement of oil temperature heat exchange for blow molding equipment

    T1: Inlet water temperature to heat exchanger: 32℃

    T2: Outlet water temperature after heat exchange: 38℃

    m: Water flow rate for chiller 30,000 liter/h

    Heat rejection capacity calculation: Q = (38-32)*30,000= 180,000 Kcal/h

    Total need calorific capacity about 420,000 Kcal/h (240,000+180,000) . This is cooling tower selection basis.

How to choose cooling tower specifications?

cooling tower capability

First, you can use the specification that cooling tower supplier provides to find the cooling tower that you need. Second, you can also provide the information to cooling tower suppliers let them chose the suitable cooling tower to you. Even you can plan and choose cooling tower by the experience of the supplier.

At the moment of final decision, water quality and limescale problems, climate change and other factors that may cause cooling capacity decline should be considered. Enlarge the cooling tower size can ensure the capability of cooling performance.


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