Principles of Cooling Tower

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There has waste heat produces during equipment operating in factory we can use cooling tower to take away waste heat. The cooling water through heat exchange would turn back to cooling tower, and cooling by pass the fill. In heat exchange process cooling water uses evaporate, fin to bring out the waste water. Finally, the cooling water drop down in the sink and would be sent to equipment again to bring out the waste heat. But during cooling process would cause drift loss and the dust in atmosphere would get into equipment generate scale. These situations would decrease cooling capacity of cooling tower.

What is Closed Circuit Cooling Tower?

A closed circuit cooling tower is equipped with a coil heat exchanger, which separates “internal water” and “external water”. “Internal water” forms a closed loop, in which the concentration of water will always remain stable and water is always clean. When cooling the equipment, no clogging will occur in the water pipe lines and dirt from outside will not enter the equipment (Why are scale deposits produced in cooling towers?). The “external water” is to indirectly cool down the internal water inside the heat exchanger coils. For this regard dirt will only remain in the closed circuit cooling tower, and will never enter the equipment.

Advantages of Using the JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

In the event of air pollution and poor water quality, scale deposits are unavoidable. How can we prevent dirt and scale deposits from clogging equipment and affecting their cooling abilities? Closed circuit cooling tower will definitely be a great choice!

  1. Ensure that internal circulating cooling water will not be polluted and does not contain scale deposits.
  2. No clogging in the water pipe lines connecting to the heat exchange systems of any equipment.
  3. Reduce machine damages caused by pickling treatment.
  4. Reduce machines’ wear and failure rates after a long run.
  5. Significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.

Benefits of Using the JH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

If your factory is equipped with multiple production equipment or a single equipment for mass production, what are the benefits you will enjoy if you use our cooling towers?

  1. No clogging will occur due to scale deposits in production equipment.
  2. Only maintenance of closed circuit cooling tower is required.
  3. Production equipment will no longer trip due to poor heat dissipation.
  4. Production equipment will operate with high efficiency.


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