How to Maintain the JH SCT Series Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

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The ordinary cooling towers are difficult to maintain, and their cooling fills are difficult to remove. However, JH’s easy-to-maintain closed circuit cooling towers (The SCT Series) are made of #304 stainless steel and are equipped with an all-in-one detachable design, and thus do not have consumable issue from cooling fill. Besides, one person can complete the maintenance of these cooling towers alone. There is no need to hire a professional technician to do such work, thereby making follow-up maintenance and repair works more convenient. At the same time, the JH cooling towers are closed circuit-type (What is the design principle of a closed circuit cooling tower?), which ensures that your equipment will not encounter scale deposit problems. All you have to do is to regularly maintain the JH Closed Circuit Cooling Towers.


Open the Outer Casing of the Cooling Tower

Open the Outer Casing of the Cooling TowerThe JH Closed Circuit Cooling Towers have detachable stainless steel casing. When cleaning, open the screws and easily remove the outer casing. The whole interior of the equipment is plainly visible.

Cleaning the Water Distribution Pipe Line

Cleaning the Water Distribution Pipe LineHold the water distribution pipe line, turn it counterclockwise and gently remove it. After cleaning, align the water distribution pipe line with the hole, and then turn it clockwise to return it to its original position.

Removing the Cooling Fill for Cleaning

Removing the Cooling Fill for CleaningThe SCT Series Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are equipped with cooling fill which are made of ABS with high robustness and does not break easily due to heat exchange. After removing the cooling fill, knock the fill to remove the scale deposits on it. Then, stack it back to its position. (How to clean cooling fill)

Rinsing the Coil Heat Exchanger

Rinsing the Coil Heat ExchangerUse a water jet to rinse the coil heat exchanger and flush the scale deposits on the coil. Descaling agent can be used during this process. Lastly, clean the water tray to complete the maintenance of the JH closed circuit cooling tower.


Advantages of the JH Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

  • All-in-one detachable design, which enables non-stop maintenance
  • No need to hire any professional technician for cleaning as the cooling towers can be self-maintained, thereby reducing expenses.
  • Cooling fill can be removed for cleaning and used repeatedly, thereby no consumable is required.
  • No scale deposit in internal water, so all you have to do in the future is to maintain the closed circuit cooling tower only.


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