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EASY To Maintain Stainless Steel SCT-30 (90,000 Kcal/h)

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SCT-30 is a small-sized closed circuit cooling tower manufactured by JH (What is closed circuit cooling tower?). It is able to overcome the issue of scale deposit in equipment, and it features for simple maintenance (How to maintain a SCT closed circuit cooling tower?), which allows self-maintenance of machines. In addition, it can also be used repeatedly without requiring any consumable, and consists of removable parts for quick maintenance. The enter cooling tower is made of stainless steel, which makes it conventient and solid. Hence, it is a cooling tower that can accompany your machines  through their service life. SCT-30 can be used in various industrial machines and equipment such as forging, die casting and plastic injection molding equipment.


Cooling Capacity 90,000 Kcal/h
Water Flow 300 LPM
Water Pipe Diameter 2-2/1"
Pump 1 HP 
Fan Motor 3Ø8P 0.75 x 1 kw x pcs
Fan Blade 28" x 1 inch x pcs
Air Flow 11500 m³/hr
Weight 350 kg
Operating Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 1750(L) x 950(W) x 2500(H) mm
Machine Frame  SUS#304
Heat Exchanger Coil 0.7 mm Copper Tube
Fan Stack ABS one-piece fabricated

 (38°C to 33°C Wet bulb 27°C)


The SUS#304 machine frame

The SUS#304 machine frameThe outer casing of the enter cooling tower is made of #304 stainless steel, which increases the robustness of the cooling tower, thereby prolonging its service life. In addition, a touch of stainless steel technology has beautified the cooling tower.

Easy take-out and reusable fill

Easy take-out and reusable fillEasy and convenient removable external casing facilitates maintenance and repair of the cooling tower. High-strength plastic, ABS is used as a heat dissipation material, which can be removed for cleaning and used repeatedly without requiring any consumable.

ABS one-piece fabricated fan stack, low noise fan motor

ABS one-piece fabricated fan stack, low noise fan motorSCT-30 uses a low-noise fan motor, along with a one-piece ABS fabricated fan casing design, to effectively reduce noise resonance problems.

Water distribution tube and L type eliminator

Water distribution tube and L type eliminatorThe water distribution system exclusively developed for the SCT Series comprises an even water distribution design without consumables due to damaged nozzles, and can be removed to carry out maintenance works. The system is also equipped with L-shaped water deflectors which prevent water splashes, thereby saving water from waste.

Anti-stain device

Anti-stain deviceThe SCT Series is equipped with electronic type anti-stain device with ion detachment function, thereby reducing scale deposits on the surface of copper tubes.

Heat exchanger coil

Heat exchanger coilThe coil heat exchanger is made of red copper tubes with high thermal conductivity and ductility, which produce excellent heat exchange effects. (It can also be replaced with #304 stainless steel coil).

Water pump

Water pumpThe external circulation pump comprises a quick-release pump which enables convenient and quick repair and maintenance. Its exterior is covered with #304 stainless steel, which reduces erosion due to long-term exposure to sun and rain outdoors, thereby significantly prolonging the service life of the pump.

Water basin and foundation

Water basin and foundationThe water basin of SCT-30 features an ABS-fabricated one-piece titled design, which facilitates quick cleaning and drainage. Coupled with a #304 stainless steel base, the water basin can effectively resist vibration during the operation of the cooling tower, thereby maintaining stable operation.




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